Online Training

- Full refund (minus $100 registration fee) will be given to students that cancel a class if cancellation is requested one week prior to beginning of class. No refunds will be given within 1 week of class.

- If a student needs to postpone a class due to an emergency no money will be refunded and the student will have the option to register for first available opening in a subsequent class.
- Once a student has begun taking the course, no refund will be granted.  here.

Application Process

Step 1) Read all of the information on this page.
Step 2) Complete the application on the “Apply” page. 
Step 3) Once an applicant is accepted into the program there is a $100 registration fee that must be submitted to receive a spot in a class. 
Step 4) In addition to the $100 registration fee, the balance of the course fee ($275) must be paid in full, prior to the beginning of class in order for the student to be given their log-in access code to the online portion of the training.

- All students must partake in a one-hour orientation prior to the start of the course.
- Once all fees are paid, students will be given access to their online course and will be expected to complete the course within a structured time frame.

- Each student will also be given access to the Institute of Professional Education in order to access any technical support needed to complete the online portion of the course.

- A representative of the Online CHAA Training School of New Jersey will be in contact throughout this period of time to answer any questions about the content of the course.
- Students must pass a one-hour, online proctored exam based on the 60 hours of class. The exam will be held at the office in Cherry Hill.
- Each Student will partake in a 16-hour skilled training lab.

During skilled training there will be an expectation for ALL students to:

- Be punctual (please arrive 15 minutes before the official start of the class) and plan to stay until the end of class.
- Wear scrubs (it makes us look professional).
- Bring a lunch and healthy snacks with you. We only have a small fridge available so please ensure that your lunch bags have their own cooling system.
- Turn OFF all cell phones during class hours. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
- Do not park in the spots designated for Keystone employees.
- Please come rested and ready to learn!!!

Policies for Training

Refund Policy